PASS SS 304 Coupling

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PASS SS 304 Coupling

The Model 77C is designed for high pressure applications including RO and desalination systems.

The 77C is available in strong and anti-corrosive alloys of 304,316,316L Stainless steel, Duplex

CD3MN (2205), Super Duplex CE8MN, CE3MN (2507). The 77C features 304 or 316 bolts and silicone

bronze heavy nuts to help prevent galling during repetitive use.


3/4″ to 12″ (DN20 to DN300)

Rated working pressure:

1200psi (83bar) Sch40S, cut groove only



Super duplex 2507(CE3MN)to ASTM A890 Grade5A

□CE8MN to ASTM A890 Grade 2A

□Duplex 2205(CD3MN)to ASTM A890 Grade4A

□Austenic 254SMO(CK3MCuN) to A743

□Austenic 904L(CN2MCuN) to A351

□Type 316 to ASTM A743 CF8M

□Type 316L to ASTM A743 CF3M

Rubber Gaskets:

The gasket seals is C-shaped, made of standard gasket EPDM(ethylene propylene diene monomer) for

cold water, hot water, rare acid, oil-free air and multiple chemical product (-50~150℃). It is not suitable

for medium like petroleum


Type 316 stainless steel track bolts ASTM A-193 B-8M


Type 316 stainless steel nuts ASTM A-193 B-8M

Silicone bronze heavy duty nuts to ASTM B98 C65100 for option


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